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Adoption Choice Summary

By AdoptBrite
Published May 29, 2015

Women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy sometimes decide that the only two options they have are either becoming a parent or abortion. however the... READ MORE »

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Seven Zen reasons for unplanned pregnant mothers to consider adoption

By AdoptBrite
Published June 4, 2015

Even if you are not spiritual you may consider the Zen way of life to strengthen your sub conscious and inner self to achieve emotional... READ MORE »

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Facing an unplanned pregnancy

By Nicci Lovell
Published Month day, 2014

Twelve years ago, I found myself at a crossroads;  I was facing an unplanned pregnancy. Denial, fear, heartache, excitement, confusion, and hundreds of other... READ MORE »

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12 of our Favorite
Adoption Quotes and Sayings

By AdoptBrite
Published June 19, 2015

“Adoption makes the difference of a lifetime one child at a time.”

“Parenthood requires love not DNA.”

“Blood can help... READ MORE »

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Are You Pregnant
and Thinking About Adoption?

By AdoptBrite
Published September 9, 2015

Being well-informed may help you feel better about whatever decision you make—whether it is to place your child for adoption or to parent your child yourself... READ MORE »