Adoption Choice Summary

By AdoptBrite
Published May 29, 2015

woman making decision about adoption

Women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy sometimes decide that the only two options they have are either becoming a parent or abortion. however the third possibility, adoption, a wonderful choice is usually overlooked.

For some this is often a result of movies, television, institutions, and pop culture distorting what adoption is. For others it may be their fear of bonding with the baby and not being able to part with it to another family they know little about. Questions and feelings arise like, “What if adoptive parents don't take good care of my child and my child is not happy?” or, “What if my son or daughter find me some day and look down upon me?”

These are normal feelings, however they don’t mean adoption isn’t the right choice for you. All they prove is that you already have motherly feelings for your baby. Whether you raise your child yourself, have an abortion, or place your baby with an adoptive family, you will always have maternal feelings for your baby.

Before deciding seek professional help from different sides of these choices. Even though counselors say they are objective there is no way of prohibiting their beliefs. The more you know the better you will be able to handle your decision.

Some useful adoption information to help you with your decision, is to know that there are different types of adoption. But, the three most common are: open, semi-open, and closed.

Open adoption
With an open adoption, while you are still pregnant, you can meet and get to know the adoptive parents. You can make plans together, exchange letters, phone calls, and even get to each other in person. As your child grows older, you may continue to stay in touch and be a regular part of their life, if you decide.

Semi-open adoption
With a semi-open adoption, much like an open adoption where you choose the adoptive parents from a profile, your contact with them is limited. This limitation is mostly set in advance and agreed upon by both you and the adoptive parents. Any letters, pictures or contact between you and the adoptive parents would usually take place through a third party like a lawyer of agency.

Closed adoption
With a closed adoption, you may be able to choose your parents but you will not meet or have contact with the them. You may like this option, if you or the adoptive parents are concerned about your privacy.

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