Seven Zen reasons for unplanned pregnant mothers to consider adoption

By AdoptBrite
Published June 4, 2015

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Even if you are not spiritual you may consider the Zen way of life to strengthen your sub conscious and inner self to achieve emotional happiness. Adoption may be an instrument to help achieve these goals and ease any suffering. Here's how adoption can help in following some zen basic principles.

1. According to The Eightfold Path in Buddhism. Be sure about what controls your actions. Adoption can be for the good of all and not just yourself.

2. By adopting you will be actively helping where good can be done.

3. You must first decide what is honest and will help mankind. Adoption can give joy to couples who cannot have a child.

4. Keep an open mind about adoption. Distance yourself from pop culture and let your inner self decide.

5. Giving of oneself is rooted in all religious philosophies. A catharsis feeling can be achieved by adoption.

6. Your child can follow in the footsteps of giants. Some famous people who were adopted are Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton, Babe Ruth, Steve Jobs, Edgar Allan Poe, Eleanor Roosevelt, Augustus Caesar, and Jesus. (perhaps this is not zen but its fun).

7. Meditate to bring your feelings out. Sit in a quiet room perhaps focus on one object like a burning candle and clear all thoughts from your mind.

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