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Inspiration: Tamra A Birth Mother's Story

By  Seth Adam Smith
April, 2013

Tamra, a birth mother, shares the beautiful story of her decision to place her son for adoption.

How Do I Choose Adoptive Parents for My Baby?

By  Susie Book
Published September, 2014

I first met Ruth and Nora at a Starbucks in the town my family had moved to the month before. I had already spoken to Ruth on a pretty terrible cell phone connection halfway through my pregnancy, while I paced back and forth in the guest bedroom of my grandmother’s condo. I was desperately eager... READ MORE »

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Why Adopt When You Have Biological Children?

By  Ellenore Angelidis
Published November, 2011

"Why did you choose to adopt?" Since adopting our daughter from Ethiopia, I've been asked this question with some frequency—probably because I also have two biological sons. When people ask about how we chose... READ MORE »


Scammers, and a couple tips to avoid them

By  JimGL33
Published December, 2013

We are waiting to adopt. We have an adoption attorney and we set up a website, email address and toll-free number. We do all we can to protect our identities from strangers looking to take advantage of us during this process. If money is mentioned, I refer them to... READ MORE »