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if you are considering placing your baby for adoption, we provide a safe environment to view qualified couple profiles without the pressure of adoption agencies making your decisions for you or lawyers pressuring you to sign contracts. You have the freedom to choose the families that you feel comfortable with. By taking your time you will find waiting couples who have similar interests as you do and meet your qualifications to care for your child. Once you find your match email or call them.
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We have some very special people that are currently waiting to love your baby. When you narrow down your decision you can contact families by phone, text or email, to further establish a relationship with them. If you have already made your decision by reading their profiles, the next step is to make plans with them. Most couples have lawyers and counselors and are willing to pay all your adoption expenses. Adoption is a plan for the benefit of you and your baby. It can be a tough but rewarding choice. Having the freedom to choose the right parents can make all the difference. Thank you for viewing and considering our loving families.

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