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We live in New York City and have been happily married for 6 years. We were diagnosed with infertility and later adopted Matteo at birth. We're hoping to adopt again so that he can have a baby brother or sister. Visit our personal website for more info and photos.

Dear Birthmother (and Family)

Thank you for considering adoption. An unexpected pregnancy is a difficult thing and we admire you for the strong, courageous, positive, and loving choice of thinking of adoption. Please help us to grow our family by turning your unexpected pregnancy into a miracle for us!

We are Genevieve and Daniel. We live in New York City, have been happily married for 6 years, and have a 3 year old adopted son. We chose adoption because we were diagnosed with infertility and because we knew that there were women with unexpected pregnancies, like you, who wanted to choose a loving home for their baby to grow up in.

Daniel’s family is Italian, so they speak Italian, cook great Italian food, and we visit Italy to see the extended family. (Your child would receive dual citizenship through the adoption process.)

Genevieve’s family is nearby in New York, near the beach in Florida, and in Paris, France so we have plenty of fun vacations to visit her side of the family too.

Daniel works on movies, commercials, and T.V. shows (like Project Runway, Blue Bloods, & White Collar). Genevieve is a stay at home Mom so that Matteo gets plenty of one on one attention.

We adopted Matteo at birth from El Paso, TX. He is an intelligent, charming, fun, chatty, brown haired, brown-eyed, little 3 year old who enjoys reading books and kicking his soccer ball around. In the fall he will have school one day a week, including: music, art, and Italian classes. Daniel and Genevieve met swing dancing and somehow that love of dancing has transferred to Matteo who dances whenever music comes on. We are looking forward to another adoption so that Matteo will have a brother or sister to play with.

Our children will know that they are LOVED MORE through adoption. We read Matteo books about adoption and let him know that his “Tummy Mommy” loves him very much. As he gets older we want him to know that it’s ok to ask questions and that his “Tummy Mommy ” will always have a special place in all of our hearts.

Matteo’s Birthmother wanted to have a semi-open adoption, so we exchanged first names and email addresses. We send letters and pictures every few months and were also able to arrange a special visit with her. We would be happy to discuss what level of openness you would prefer and figure out what is best for everyone.

We imagine that you may be concerned or worried about what is to come and the big decisions to be made. Our Catholic faith is a big part of our lives and because of that, we’ve already begun to pray for you. We want you to know that you are not alone! We’ve been praying and asking God to comfort you, strengthen you and bring you peace.

If you would like to contact us, you can reach us at 1-800-683-5318 or text us at 914-295-2229. If you prefer email, you can reach us at GenAndDaniel at

Thank you for considering us!

Genevieve, Daniel and Matteo

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About us...

Genevieve grew up in Florida and Daniel grew up in Italy. We share a love of good food, travel, music, dancing, family and New York City. We were diagnosed with infertility in 2010. Our son Matteo is adopted and we hope to adopt again soon so he can have someone to play with. Genevieve is a “stay at home mom” and Daniel works in film and TV (like Project Runway, Blue Bloods, White Collar, and Brain Games).

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Our Family

Where We Live: New York City

Marital Status: Married 6yrs

Religion: Catholic

Children: Matteo, 3yrs

Things we like to do together: cook, swing dance, travel, movies

About Genevieve

Where Born: North Carolina

Ethnicity: English, Irish, Polish

Family Siblings: One sister

Job Position: Stay at home mom

Education: Business degree from Univ. Central Florida

Likes: chocolate, listening to jazz music, sunny days in the park, 1920s architecture

About Daniel

Where Born: Italy

Ethnicity: Italian

Family Siblings: Two brothers

Job Position: Camera Assistant in film and TV

Education: Engineering degree from Virginia Tech

Likes: making homemade pizza, mixing great cocktails, watching college football