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If you are thinking about placing your baby for adoption or are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, consider us for adoptive parents. Take a look at our family profile. We are Noreen Michael and Clare. A Loving family of three hoping to adopt a baby and become a family of four.

Dear Birthmother:

Welcome, we are Michael, Noreen and Clare. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little. We are so honored that you are considering us to be the parents of your child. We have great respect for you choosing an adoption plan. Although we have not met, we admire your courage and selflessness at putting your child’s needs ahead of your own. Your love for your child is so evident by your actions. When we look at your child, we will always be reminded of your great love for them. We cannot adequately express the gratitude we feel towards the gift of your child to our family.
Hopefully by flipping through these pages, you will get a sense of who we are as a family, and be assured that we will bring your child up in a loving, nurturing, Christian home where they will grow, learn and thrive as a person.
About us: Michael and I met at an outdoor Swing Dance Festival, at the World Trade Center in NYC. From the moment we met, we’ve always enjoyed each other’s company and sense of humor. On our first date, we went to dinner and swing dancing. I still remember, when we danced, how Michael held me with confidence and respect. I felt safe and secure as he glided me along the dance floor. We married a few years later and now our marriage continues to grow in love and strength. We have a biological daughter, Clare, who was born 6 years ago. She is the greatest joy in our lives!
We both have big extended families. Michael’s family is first generation Ukrainian and grew up in a blue collar ethnic middle class neighborhood in upstate New York where he experienced lots of traditions, cousins and family gatherings. We live close to my hometown in a small village in New England. My family, and many of my childhood friends, live close by. Our neighborhood has many children to play with, lots of parks, trails and the beach close by. We love to be outdoors and explore everything.
Why we want to adopt: Our desire for more children comes from the fun we had in our own families growing up. Each of us came from a family of three or four siblings and we always dreamed of having a house filled with the laughter of children. For some reason I have not been able to hold a second pregnancy. People often say to us “Isn’t Clare enough for you?” We always get the feeling that our family is not yet complete, and that there is something missing. Clare keeps asking us – when she is going to have a new brother or sister? We have noticed that even though she has many “little friends” to play with, she too is missing out on the special joys of having a sibling to share her life with. Having many children has been part of Michael’s and my dream, since we first met, but it is also part of our daughter’s dream too.
We feel called to grow our family thru adoption. In my family, we had several cousins that we spent many holidays with, who were adopted. And now we are friends with numerous families that have adopted children that we see on a weekly basis. When we were on vacation our friends who just adopted a baby girl from Texas joined us. We were so touched by the closeness they had right away with this little baby, that this has hurried us along in our decision to adopt. We truly can’t wait to be a family of four!
Our Values: Our Christian faith is at the center of our lives. It has held Michael and me together during these trying times. We trust in God to provide the complete family that we have always dreamed of. Michael and I put each other and our children first. Our children are everything to us. We will do everything to instill a positive self image, respect for one another, honesty, and love for each other and their neighbor. We go to church every Sunday and stay for fellowship and have many picnics and dinners with our group of friends who support one another. When we say our prayers with Clare before bed, we always ask God to bless us with a new baby brother or sister.
Parenting style: Michael and I love being parents! We will instill in your child good values, strong morals and a religious faith. As your child grows older we will teach them right from wrong,and we will set boundaries for them. We will teach them to listen and be respectful of one another and us. But most of all we give your child love, nurturing and lots of hugs and kisses!
We value education: We will make sure your child has the best learning experience possible and encourage them to pursue college and a career. As an engineer, I love learning and figuring out how things work. Michael as an artist, has a creative spirit. This will be passed along to your child.
Our promise to you: One of the biggest gifts we will provide for your child, is to be truly paid attention to, to be present to them, and continually make the time to be a family. As a stay at home mom I will always be there during the day and both of us at night and weekends, to listen, to care for and to nurture your child through the years. Children truly want to spend time with, seek the approval of and re-assurance of their parents.
The decision to bring another child into our family has filled all of us with, joy, happiness and expectation. We cannot wait to once again experience all the happiness, laughter and wonder that goes along with getting to know a new, unique personality. Your child will grow up knowing that you are their mother who is a wonderfully brave, wise woman. We want to thank you again for taking the time to read our letter and for considering us as adoptive parents. We would always be happy to answer any questions you may have about us.
Michael and Noreen

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About Us

We met swing dancing at an event, and were married one year later. We are always up for trying new things and new adventures. When we go hiking or walking on the beach Michael usually finds some rocks or trees to climb. Clare is a close follow behind her dad and loves to see how well she can climb too. On Saturday nights we have family ‘movie night’ in our living room. We usually have pizza, popcorn and a family movie. This is something we look forward to all times of the year. If we miss one, Clare is quick to reschedule it for Sunday or another day.

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Our Family

Where We Live: Connecticut near Stamford

Marital Status: Married in 2004

Religion: Catholic

Children: One Daughter

Things we like to do together: Hiking, Sledding, Ice Skating, Bike Riding, Beach, Picnics, Irish Dancing, Swing Dancing

Financial Situation: Secure

About Noreen

Where Born: Ardsley, New York

Ethnicity: Irish

Family Siblings: Eldest of 4 Children, 2 Sisters and a Brother

Job Position: Engineer, Now a Stay-at-Home Mom

Education: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Likes: Swing Dancing, Irish Dancing, Hiking, Swimming,
Biking, Ice Skating, Skiing, Calligraphy

Instruments: Bagpipes

About Michael

Where Born: Syracuse, New York

Ethnicity: Ukrainian and Italian

Family Siblings: Sisters and a Brother

Job Position: Art Director

Education: Masters Art Education

Likes: Swing Dancing, Hiking, Soccer, Swimming,
Art, Skiing, Biking, Reading