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We are Matt and Amy. We were blessed almost three years ago with a son through adoption. We have always desired to have a big family, and we are hoping and praying we will be blessed with another child. We believe the more the merrier!

Hold on to Hope!

As I am sure you know, sometimes life throws unexpected curves and unplanned challenges. For Matt and I, it was, will we ever find someone to share our life with? Then we found one another, and were eager to start a family right away. We did not give up hope when becoming parents did not come easily or quickly.

Matt and I believe that hope is so important. We hope you consider us when choosing a life for your child. We are a very faithful Catholic couple. We truly believe God has a plan for us, for you and for your baby. We were blessed with a little boy through adoption, who will be a gentle and loving big brother. He already loves making both babies and adults laugh. We know you are facing one of life’s unexpected challenges. Please do not give up hope. Please consider Matt and I when choosing parents for this child. The love and joy we have waiting in our hearts can not be expressed in words. It will shine through in huge smiles, lots of hugs and plenty of fun adventures and everyday blessings.

Our dream is to have children who make happy memories together through their childhood, and become the best of friends into adulthood and throughout their entire lives. We find joy in just making each other laugh every day. We plan trips to the beach every year. Being with other people is always on the calendar, and thankfully, we have a loving family and a large group of friends that allow us to always have something to look forward too. We feel compelled to share our love and blessings with another child.

We are so glad you made the brave decision to reach out and ask for help or guidance. We feel honored that you listened to our story. We hope you found comfort in our words. Hold on to hope!
Amy and Matt

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Matt and Amy

Even though Matt and Amy attended the same high school, they did not meet until ten years later on a blind date! Quickly they enjoyed each other’s love for their faith and interest in history. Matt and Amy make a great team on game night, although in a game of Scrabble, Matt always triumphs (once again teaching Amy a lesson in good sportsmanship)! Matt and Amy love to go for a walk on a nice day – whether it’s on the beach, in a park, or into town. Getting outside is a definite must. In many ways, Matt and Amy are opposites (Matt prefers sci-fi, Amy- comedy; Amy loves a roller coaster, Matt prefers to stay “grounded”), but they find their differences play a balancing factor in their relationship. Both Matt and Amy agree their happiest days were their wedding day and every day they have been blessed to be parents. Since the first time they spoke about their dreams, both Matt and Amy described their vision of a big family. Matt and Amy are excited, eager and ready to bring another child into their hearts and home.

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Our Family

Where We Live: Suburb of Philly

Marital Status: Married

Religion: Catholic Christians

Children: 1

Things we like to do together: Go to the beach, ride bikes, take walks, go to carnivals, festivals and parades.


Where Born: Philadelphia

Family Siblings: Oldest of 5!

Job Position: Stay at Home Mom

Education: M.A. in History

Likes: Chocolate, dolphins, romantic comedies, history, running, riding a bike, getting together with friends, playing and relaxing on the beach!


Where Born: Philadelphia

Family Siblings: 1 brother, 2 sisters

Job Position: Network Analyst (IT)

Education: Bachelor of Science

Likes: History, dogs, cars (favorite is a Mustang!), cooking, vanilla ice cream, science fiction and playing the violin and bass.