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Hi. We’re Mary, Glen and Hannah …hoping for a loving birth parent to choose us for her baby in an open adoption.

Let’s text, talk, and meet as soon as you are ready.

Dear birthmother,

Hi. We’re Mary, Glen, & Hannah, We are hoping for a loving birthmom to choose us for her unborn baby.

Let’s text, talk, and meet as soon as you are ready.

It will be great to get to know your thoughts and feelings for an open adoption.

We have been so blessed by adoption when Hannah came home to us. We treasure Hannah's birthmom. She is so special to us. We wanted open adoption but respected her wishes not to see each other after she placed Hannah with us. We happily send her photos & letters several times per year, as requested.

We keep photos of her and Hannah’s birth sister in a special keepsake box for Hannah with all the letters for Hannah when she is older.

We're ready for late night awakenings and all that a newborn brings now that Hannah enjoys doing more and more on her own.

Hannah will be a good big sister, looking after her baby sibling. She is fascinated by babies and is very interested in helping to care for them at her school. She cares for her dolls and pretend feeds them and carries them around very carefully.

We'll provide our children with hope, faith and love they need for a firm foundation for their lives. We want them to be happy and fulfilled so they can lead full lives and be a blessing to others. Our home will be filled with fun and play as well as seriousness when necessary. There will be homework, but there will also be time for baking cookie, sleep overs at our home with their friends, and many family times with relatives. And most of all they will just get to be kids :)

What do you want us to know about you? We will listen with open hearts and minds.

Hope to hear from you soon. Let’s meet if you want. Please call or text at 201-657-4874 or email us at or, if you prefer, contact our attorney Deborah Steincolor at 201-577-2124 to get information about the adoption process..


Glen and Mary

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Welcome to our lives...

Our Hopes We always hoped to be a family of four. We’ve been so blessed by adoption with Hannah and hope for another miracle. We feel so blessed that we get to parent. It is a huge responsibility that we take seriously and have fun by seeing Hannah enjoy life. We want our children to grow up happy, joyful, responsible, and loving. We each plan to take 3- 4 months off when baby comes home. We have flexible work schedules when Hannah joined our family so we are home with her most of the time. She enjoys 2 ½ days in a program that allows her to interact with other kids and brings some variety to her day. We think this provides a nice balance for Hannah and us. When baby is 6 months old, he or she will begin the same 2 ½ days at the same program. We can’t wait to see what our younger child will enjoy and how they grow together.

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Our family

Where We Live: New Jersey

Marital Status: Married

Religion: Christian

Children: 1

Things we like to do together: family outings and travel, pool, park