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Welcome to our lives...

Our Hopes
We always hoped to be a family of four. We’ve been so blessed by adoption with Hannah and hope for another miracle.

We feel so blessed that we get to parent. It is a huge responsibility that we take seriously and have fun by seeing Hannah enjoy life. We want our children to grow up happy, joyful, responsible, and loving.

We each plan to take 3- 4 months off when baby comes home. We have flexible work schedules when Hannah joined our family so we are home with her most of the time. She enjoys 2 ½ days in a program that allows her to interact with other kids and brings some variety to her day. We think this provides a nice balance for Hannah and us.

When baby is 6 months old, he or she will begin the same 2 ½ days at the same program.

We can’t wait to see what our younger child will enjoy and how they grow together.

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About Glen

Glen grew up in Jersey City with 4 brothers and 1 sister so it was always a busy household. All of his family lives very close. We gather together for birthdays, Christmas, 4th of July and Labor Day. We also get together for dinner or to visit every couple of weeks.

Glen has taken care of his five nieces and nephews at various stages of their lives. They have gone to the land of make believe, beach, and amusement parks.

Glen likes to do home improvement projects, landscaping, and is frequently busy fixing or improving things in our home.

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About Mary

I'm an only child who grew up in Brooklyn. I come from a tight-knit family with Aunts, Uncles and cousins nearby and in Italy. My cousins and I act like we are siblings. Many of my cousins and I enjoy spending time together during holidays, birthdays and just because we want to.

Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions we had growing up continues. We go to my cousin Maria’s house for Thanksgiving and then my family and Glen’s family come to our house for Christmas Day.

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Our home and neighborhood

We live in a 3 bedroom home with a dining room and living room and a family room that is now a tv/family/play room.

Baby will have her/his own room after spending the first 6 months or so in our bedroom. We have a nice size backyard with a pool and a swing set and plenty of room for running and having our friends and our children’s friends over.

Our Neighborhood
We live in a family oriented town on a quiet street. Our neighbors are friendly. We can count on each other.

Several parks are less than a mile from home and we have a YMCA close by as well. Hannah takes swim lessons there. The children enjoy the many activities there. There are so many choices for Hannah and our younger child to try.