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We are a happy and fun couple with much family support who are ready to grow their family. Together we offer a home with unconditional love and welcome you and your baby into our hearts and home. Fridays Child has completed our home study, and Barbara Jones Esquire is our attorney.

Thank you

Without you our dreams could never be possible. We realize this may be the hardest decision of your life. We promise you a safe home for your baby, and a special place for you within our family. We promise to offer you an open adoption, and provide your baby with lots of fun and much love at all times. We have kept a diary of our process on, so please visit us there to read about our journey.

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Life is good

We are a happy and fun loving couple who are surrounded with love and support. Each of us have one sibling, and our families are local. Jeremy owns his own business as a mechanic and I (Jen) am a lead stylist and salon manager. We have three fur babies, Lola (dog), Mason (dog), and Kali (cat).

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Where We Live: Manassas, Va

Marital Status: Married

Religion: christian

Children: 0

Things we like to do together: go on trips, snowboard, bike, play with our dogs, visit family, relax and hang out


Where Born: New Jersey

Ethnicity: white

Family Siblings: 1 sister

Job Position: Manager

Education: George Mason University

Likes: shopping of coarse, snuggling with my doggies, biking and working out


Where Born: Ohio

Ethnicity: white

Family Siblings: 1 brother

Job Position: Business Owner

Education: Technical License

Likes: baseball. OHIO, rollercoasters, bowling, snowboarding