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HI! We're Jennifer and Darren; a fun loving, married couple from Long Island, NY. If you are expecting and considering adoption we can help! We have been dreaming to be Blessed! We want to offer our love, our home & provide a secure environment to a child filled with opportunity and fun!

Dear expecting mother,

Hello. We are Darren & Jennifer. We are honored that you gave us a look as potential adoptive parents. We understand the decision you are making to place your newborn may be very difficult. We have big hearts and alot of love, and opportunity to give a child. But this is not about us. Yes, we are dreaming of having a family of our own. But you need comfort and peace that you have made the right choice. A child needs opportunity, love, fun and good supportive family. Our hopes are that our profile can give you some comfort in your decision making and that you will call us. Of course we are open to an open adoption, if that is what you are comfortable with. Whether your decision is to connect with us or you are interested in another situation, we wish you peace and comfort with your decision.

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Jennifer and Darren

You can say we met in a unique way. Darren's sister, was a student of Jennifer in the school that we went to as children ourselves. We actually sat next to each other in homeroom. 15 or so years went by, and different education paths, we lost touch. On the last day of Darren's sisters school year, she made Darren pick her up at school to met someone who he knew many years ago. Since then we have been together. We are a fun loving couple, and are each other's best friend as well. We are both ready and eager to be parents! We actually take many opportunities to watch our nephews because of the enjoyment we get out of caring for them and letting them enjoy new experiences.

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Our Family

Marital Status: Married

Religion: Christian / Catholic

Children: 0 children

Things we like to do together: Tropical vacations, relaxing on the beach, motivational listening and reading, exercise, family get togethers, celebrating life


Where Born: Bronx, ny

Ethnicity: Italian / Spanish

Family Siblings: 1 sibling

Job Position: Assistant principal of an elementary school

Education: 3 master's degrees

Likes: Motivational reading and listening, vacationing, childrens books, going to the beach, family road trips, going to cracker barrel


Where Born: Plainview, ny

Family Siblings: 2 siblings

Job Position: Owner of a family chiropractic office

Education: doctor of chiropractic degree

Likes: Surfing, biking, fitness, grilling, going to the beach, family road trips, vacationing in the islands, motivational listening