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Our greatest joy is being parents and we promise you that your child will be loved beyond measure, listened to and understood. They will be cherished each and every day and will forever know the support and love of our family.

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Liz & Andrew

We met through a mutual friend that Liz went to college with and who Andrew grew up with. After being introduced we began dating and were instantly inseparable. We spoke on the phone at least three times a day and it was obvious to us as well as our family and friends that we would be together forever. We did so many fun and wonderful things together while we were dating. We went to firehouse functions (Andrew is a volunteer fireman), baseball games, went out to dinner, spent time out on the east end of Long Island as well as in New York City and attended animal rescue events in between. We dated for two and a half years and were engaged for a little over a year until we were married in 2008. We had a beautiful church ceremony in the church that Liz’s family has been going to for over fifty years. It was followed by an enormous reception with all of our family and friends supporting us. Besides being deeply in love with each other, we are also the best of friends who compliment and balance each other out perfectly.

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