Our Family

Marital Status: Married

Religion: Christian / Catholic

Children: 0 children

Things we like to do together: Tropical vacations, relaxing on the beach, motivational listening and reading, exercise, family get togethers, celebrating life


Where Born: Bronx, ny

Ethnicity: Italian / Spanish

Family Siblings: 1 sibling

Job Position: Assistant principal of an elementary school

Education: 3 master's degrees

Likes: Motivational reading and listening, vacationing, childrens books, going to the beach, family road trips, going to cracker barrel


Where Born: Plainview, ny

Family Siblings: 2 siblings

Job Position: Owner of a family chiropractic office

Education: doctor of chiropractic degree

Likes: Surfing, biking, fitness, grilling, going to the beach, family road trips, vacationing in the islands, motivational listening