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AdoptBrite is where expectant mothers connect with caring families who are waiting to adopt a child, and find adoption information.

If you are a expectant mom considering adoption, having an unplanned pregnancy and want to place your baby for adoption, you can find ready to adopt parents here. All our families are qualified with homestudies that include family backgrounds, criminal checks, and references.

At AdoptBrite there is no pressure from adoption agencies or lawyers waiting for your decision. You have total freedom to browse our families, safely with no intrusion. And our new service is mobile device friendly!

Expectant Moms: Privately Look at caring, adoption-ready families. Decide who you like and make the connection, or read our blog to get more adoption info

Hopeful Parents: If you are trying to adopt a baby or child AdoptBrite's state of the art features allows parents to easily create a beautiful profile. Add photos, videos and blogs to personalize your adoption pages and update them at any time. To qualify and make connections with birth mothers, fathers and families everywhere sign up today to start your free parent profile, or read more about our features and benefits.


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